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How to choose bathroom taps-the book you want to test: quality assurance more at faucet and sink amazing perfect match

Source: | Updated: May 14, 2015

Trendy kitchens, common faucet and sink the how to match, can do what spark collisions? look at the faucets to sinks after stunning outfit, you feel happy to wash my face and brush my teeth every day!

How to choose bathroom faucets detection book: quality guaranteed

Faucet body is usually brass. Products made of brass plated can best guarantee of quality and higher purity plating of brass the better the quality, the surface of the coating is less likely to corrode. Some manufacturers in order to reduce costs, selection of zinc alloy instead of brass, although the State allows the use of zinc alloy material instead of brass, zinc alloy plating of poor quality, corrosion resistance is not strong.

Available to consumers when purchasing revaluation method is adopted to identify, brass and heavier hardware, zinc alloy lighter softer. Reaches extravagantly decorated the main material, experts have said, should not be solely on the weight to determine the quality of the tap, "because some manufacturers by raising the faucet wall thickness or join other metals can also tap weighed heavier." Consumers asking the sales staff for product test report, if the inspection report identified qualified products, the "big problem".

How to choose bathroom taps--test current: abundant foam and soft good instructions bubbler

Consumers should choose more durable overall casting faucet. Overall casting faucet beat up sounds more dreary, judged by the consumer at the time of purchase can be done by tapping on the tap tap is cast as a whole.

When you purchase, you should try to choose a faucet with a bubbler, and let your fingers touch the water, water soft, foam (water content of air bubbles) rich instructions bubbler is good. Aerator is generally six-story, usually made of metal mesh cover (part plastic) composition, the water passes through the foil will be cut into a large number of mixed with the air in the middle of the tiny columns of water so that the water does not splash.

How to choose bathroom taps--brand recognition: selected brand after-sales services more secure

Consumers should buy brand faucet to normal market and supermarkets. Brand products are the manufacturer's logo, the informal or poor quality products are often only a few paper labels, even without any markup. Faucet boxes should also be within the manufacturer's brand identity card, warranty and after-sales service.

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