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New environment-friendly tap gradually became popular

Source: | Updated: May 14, 2015

Wide range of taps on the market today. In today's increasingly pay attention to environmental protection, focusing on water-saving taps began to occupy an important position in the market of environmental protection. These water-saving eco-friendly sanitary ware has three characteristics: novelty, variety and excellent.

Novel structure: a new faucet, stainless steel or copper ceramic chip, its switches and temperature control are mediated by the before and after this two piece of ceramic chip and move around. Some tap water outlet is equipped with stainless steel net, releasing water flexible foam shaped, feels soft and comfortable, without splashing.

Versatile: new taps induction series, these products are more common in hotels and shopping centre in the bathroom. Kitchen faucets are usually for long-nozzle can be rotated, installed in the middle of two wash basin so that you can flexibly call, but will also reduce the amount of space, there is a new platform-basin taps, faucets with a hose, similar to a bath with shower.

Styling excellent: new taps mostly smooth of styling and different of color, this makes its more has a decorative function, some leading surface plated titanium gold, and plated chrome, and roast paint, and roast porcelain,; styling except common of streamlined, and duck tongue shaped outside also has spherical, and slender of round tapered, and pour triangle, numerous of these shape makes taps market blossom, each with features, sometimes looks more like a art.

While the exterior is beautiful and elegant, yet solid, water conservation also focuses on environmental protection was highlighted. It's no wonder these faucets on the market can be a large number of consumers of all ages.

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