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Openers – to calculate the water faucet

Source: | Updated: May 14, 2015

Foreign media reports, recently developed a way to calculate the water faucet. When it's water, could clearly see in the tap water of rose.

This faucet design intent is to convey the "water is money" savings concept. Built-in data processing system will help you calculate the quantity * unit price, thus water shows the tap, water charges are cumulative, so that when you will know when water, saving water.

Tap water should have a sensor at the top. That is to pass it to calculate water flow, according to the actual amount of water surface of the reaction to the data on the screen, the last results multiplied by the unit price.

Such a design was very innovative, and very practical. Turn on the tap, see figures raised, flesh people are definitely a pain. Over time, you will know how to save water.

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