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Automatic Faucet With Bacteria More?

Automatic faucet (or "e-tap") do not need to touch and easy to use, people develop the faucet's intention is to reduce or prevent germ contamination, but it is not as good results as expected. According to the United States, "Net MD net" latest news, United States, a new study finds that the faucet contaminated than old-fashioned faucets are more serious.

Compared with the traditional manual, automatic leading to carry disease-causing bacteria are more numerous. Based on the results of this study, the college affiliated hospital ward immediately replaced all automatic faucets, and cancel all automatic faucets installed in a hospital building under construction plans.

Researchers for 6 consecutive weeks to a sample of each effluent sampling taps for laboratory testing. In addition, 4 automatic removal and bacterial culture test was performed. It was found that in 108 water from automatic faucets in the culture of the time, 50% found the cause of Legionnaires ' disease (a serious or fatal lung infection) of the Legionella. And the manual for 15%.

But what are the factors that cause this result? Common sense considerations, automatic taps people are not required to use hands to touch, that usually have much less chance of exposure to germs. But the results just the opposite. Researchers in charge of the inquiry said, bacteria spread through hand contact is only one way, and why automatic faucets easier to "contaminate" bacteria is mainly spread through what is still being investigated.

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