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Bath Faucet Refers To The Installation Of A Bath In The Hot And Cold Water Mixed Function

Bath faucet refers to the installation of a bath in the hot and cold water mixed function, used to control the bath when the size of a bath facilities.

What happens when the bathtub faucet is damaged?

Faucet spool as the faucet of the heart, adjust the size of the water and the water switch. Faucet spool broken, Bath faucet it will cause water leakage and other phenomena. Faucet spool is broken need to replace the new spool, how to replace the faucet spool, Xiao Bian published here humble opinion.

How to buy a new faucet Spool: Replacement of the new spool must be consistent with your faucet. First to find out whether your faucet is a single or double, is a single cold faucet or hot and cold faucet, but also clear your Bath faucet spool is how much the size of the spool is the size of the flow of water, a small valve The core of the general market is not good to buy, so the best to remove the old to find the seller for the best.

How to remove old faucet spool?

Method 1: first close the total water valve, then the faucet handle on a 8 mm or so red and blue mark, buckle down, with a word screwdriver anti-clockwise release the fixed screw, won the handle, with a live wrench to open the faucet Of the spool, with a wrench to the upper part of the gland to open, remove the inside of the ceramic spool.

Method 2: first close the total water valve, you can use a screwdriver into the leading handle, the left and right pry, to side of the pry, to slowly, Bath faucet the force evenly stable, so you can remove the spool.

Method 3: first close the total water valve, the right handle on the blue cover unscrewed, with a Phillips screwdriver to loosen the inside of the screw, won the handle to expose the spool, and then use the wrench to spool the spanner.

How to replace the new faucet spool?

After removing the spool, you will see the blue sponge at the bottom of the spool. Generally used to the left of the spool is the bottom of the red rubber, and the right of the spool is blue rubber. So for the right of the spool, Bath faucet or to use the blue rubber spool, the valve core installed, the handle inserted, adjust the direction of the hand wheel, handle to the two sides when the water, the direction of the station for the water. Install the screws and cover the right blue cover so that the new spool is replaced.

Tips: the replacement of the spool, Bath faucet the use of tools to be careful, hard to be stable, so as not to hurt hands!

The above is a bath tub damage repair method, hope to help you.

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