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Bath FaucetDurable And Watertight

Bath faucet: It is installed on the side of the bathtub for open hot and cold mixed water. Can be connected to hot and cold two pipes called double; open and closed water structure of the spiral lift type, metal ball valve type, ceramic valve core type. Currently on the market more ceramic spool type single handle bathtub faucet. It uses a single handle to adjust the water temperature, easy to use; ceramic spool to make the faucet more durable, watertight. Bath faucet body with brass, the appearance of chrome, gold and all kinds of metal baking paint.

Now a lot of bathroom will be installed bath, with the matching faucet is also essential. What skills do you need to know when choosing a bathtub faucet?

1, modeling options: Now the shape of the faucet in the market all kinds of time in the purchase and bathroom decoration needs to match. In the installation also need to calculate the height of the faucet and shower installation, so that in the future can be easily used.

2, look at the appearance: good quality faucet, the surface of the chrome plating process is very particular about, so in the identification of the faucet is good or bad, you need to see the degree of light, the general surface of the more smooth and more bright, the better quality.

3, listen to the sound: high-quality faucet is the overall casting of copper, so beat the sound more boring. But if the sound is brittle, it must be poor quality faucet.

4, knowledge mark: In order to avoid the poor quality of the bathtub to buy, you can choose a little bit of the brand, because these products are often very reliable quality, and after-sales service is also more secure.

5, turn handle: turn the faucet handle, the good quality of the faucet and the switch is not between the excessive gap, and the rotation is very smooth.

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