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Bathroom To Buy Faucet Ten Basic Common Sense!

Faucet basic common sense in the home decoration, more and more people realize the importance of leading, especially in the decoration of the kitchen have a very high demand for faucets. Leading to one step in place, at least with it for 10 years, but also to look enough grade. Before buying the faucet, please understand the following ten keywords

1, copper body: the leader, the copper has long been the preferred material, is mainly because the antimicrobial effect of copper media has long been recognized by the authority of the laboratory testing. High-grade bathroom brand most of the choice of copper as a faucet ontology, other materials have been eliminated has become an inevitable trend.

2, plating: plating surface is good or bad quality is the most intuitive performance. Surface plating with nickel and chromium-based, to achieve a smooth and bright effect. Good quality of the lead will go through heavy tests, such as salt spray test, test the water test, test gas test, to ensure that the leading durable. After high-precision electroplating faucet, durable is basic, more importantly, its surface gloss is good and feel comfortable. Some high-end faucet surface there are other different processing techniques, such as stainless steel surface and satin.

3, the filter: the water quality is not superior areas, the installation of the filter can be reduced, filter impurities, while preventing impurities on the ceramic spool may cause damage. There are two locations where the filter is installed: the inlet and the outlet.

4, the rotation angle: can rotate 180 degrees to make the work easier, and can rotate 360 degrees only on the center of a house in the sink meaningful.

5, can be elongated shower head: the effective radius increases, increase the possibility of more features, sinks and containers can be filled more quickly. In order not to issue ugly sound, should try to avoid the use of metal pipe.

6, the length of water pipes: experience that 50 cm long pipe is enough, the market can also buy 70 cm or more of the tube.

7, anti-calcification system: in the shower head and automatic cleaning system will be deposited calcium, the same situation also occurs in the faucet, where there will be silicon together. The integrated air cleaner has an anti-calcification system that also prevents the device from being calcified internally.

8, anti-backflow system: the system to prevent dirty water is sucked into the water pipe, by a layer of material composition. Equipment equipped with anti-backflow system will be marked on the packaging surface DVGM through the logo.

9, Material: stainless steel is hygienic, environmentally friendly. Branded chrome equipment is easy to care and harmless, but in the manufacturing process also need to add some other elements. So it must be noted that the equipment is what materials to do, not all countries have such a high German standards.

10, durability: anti-calcification system can make the equipment from leakage and handle the risk of damage.

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