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Buy The Main Point Of The Washing Machine Bibcock

  Buy the main point of the washing machine Bibcock

  Bibcock manufacturers to remind you to wash the Bibcock to buy the need to pay attention to the matter:

  1, ceramic spool is better:

  Commonly used washing machine Bibcock spool with ball spool and ceramic spool, ball spool has a good anti-pressure ability, but the drawback is the sealing effect of the rubber seal easy to wear, and soon aging, and steel spool Than the ceramic spool is more heat and wear resistance, while the ceramic valve core itself has a good sealing performance, it can achieve a high number of open resistance, not because of spool wear caused by nozzle leakage, the use of ceramic spool Washing machine Bibcock, feel more comfortable, smooth, and open, close quickly, according to the handle when the handle to simply determine the spool is good or bad, in general, the next, the next, left and right turn the handle, if the feeling Light, no sense of the sense that the spool is better.

  2, brass material is good:

  Washing machine Bibcock body are generally brass, brass made of Bibcock plating quality can guarantee that the higher the purity of brass plating better, the surface of the electroplating more difficult to be corrosion, in general, can be used in the purchase Weight method to identify the brass heavier hard, zinc alloy lighter and soft, should not be a single weight to determine the quality of the Bibcock is good or bad, because some black heart manufacturers by increasing the Bibcock wall thickness or other metal materials, you can also Make the Bibcock heavier.

  3, the coating should be bright:

  Bibcock grinding and polishing, the surface to be nickel or chromium, to prevent the oxidation of the Bibcock, in the purchase, the best place to place the tap in a well-lit place to see the Bibcock surface should be bright as a mirror, without any oxidation spots, , No pores, no blistering, no leakage plating, uniform color, hand touch no burr, sand, with your fingers after the tap, the fingerprint quickly spread, and difficult to attach dirt.

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