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Carefully Tap Lead Precipitation Amount!

Hubei Province Wuhan City industrial and commercial Bureau released first quarter of 2015 taps circulation of commodities, such as sampling. Among them, huida bathroom two tap sampling results are not qualified, unqualified reason namely, closures and traffic does not qualify.

In Wuhan City industrial and commercial Bureau of Foshan City quality supervision and inspection center of measurement was commissioned to conduct the sampling, nonconforming goods 5 batches were found. Sampling problems in the project are as follows: metal precipitates, pollution items such as pipe thread precision detection failed.

Among them, the nominal trademarks for huida, nominal production enterprise of "huida sanitary ware company limited" two faucets have been sampling does not qualify. A specification for huida HDAO732M lavatory faucet flow was detected nonconformities. According to national standards ceramic tablets sealed water mouth of provides, general type flow for 3.0 ≤ Q ≤ 9.0, and the paragraph taps of flow for 9.7 liters/minutes, over has standard of maximum flow limited value; standard provides flow uniform sex for f ≤ 0.1 liters/seconds, the paragraph taps of flow uniform sex for 0.117 liters/seconds; addition, its dynamic hydraulic also over has national standards.

Other specifications for HDA2188XH benefits of kitchen faucet relates to excessive levels of lead. National standards for tap of metal pollutants in precipitation amount to qualify, its lead, antimony, arsenic, barium, and other precipitates 17 metals required to make limited. Among them, the lead precipitation statistics (Q) is not greater than 5 µg/l, the kitchen faucet precipitation amount of 5.5 µg/l of lead.

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