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Common Shower Faucet Buy Q & A

  Common shower faucet buy Q & A

  Shower or bathtub with the faucet, try to avoid the use of square with sharp corners of the faucet, such a faucet may look good, but there is a great security risk. Because in case of slipping, the body touched with such a sharp corners on the lead, the consequences may be very serious.

  Now a lot of new shower or bath faucet are used automatic water separator, only need to light the handle will be able to achieve the outlet, shower, top spray of water conversion, than the traditional pull-type water separator is more convenient.

  Most of the shower or bath faucet because of the installation method, the use of double-hole water way, due to copper excellent thermal conductivity, this way hot water flowing through the faucet internal pipeline, will lead to the faucet shell heat. I believe that many consumers have shampoo eyes closed to control the leader and do not care to be hot to the experience of it. The use of concealed faucet can be the main body buried in the wall, to avoid the occurrence of this situation. But the concealed-style faucet also has a higher price, not easy to repair the disadvantages. Some manufacturers have begun to improve the internal pipelines through the way, so that cold water in the faucet through the outer, and hot water in the inner layer, to solve this problem.

  Some shower faucet with the next water, and can rotate 360 °, this type of faucet in the realization of the shower at the same time, you can also wash the feet in the next outlet, more convenient. But should pay attention to bring the shower under the shower faucet and bathtub faucet though very similar, but it is best not to mix.

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