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Drains Quality Is Very Important

Today, small to the home to the irrigation project need to use the drain, so the quality of the drainage pipe is very important to buy. Even if the drainage pipe can be seen everywhere, but not many people understand the drain, the following together to understand the use of drainage pipes.

The main purpose of the drain pipe:

1. Highway longitudinal, horizontal drainage and water.

2. Expressway all kinds of retaining wall and the ditch vertical and horizontal drainage.

3. Drainage of tunnels and underground roads.

4. Municipal engineering, water purification plants, sewage plants, garbage dumps and other water supply and drainage.

5. Drainage of golf course, playground, park and other recreational green space.

6. Slope development of slope soil and water conservation.

7. Underground drainage of land preparation works.

Our most intuitive understanding of the drainage pipe is that the drainage pipe for the drainage of rainwater sewage treatment, for some farmland drainage pipe can be farmland irrigation. Drain pipe materials are generally concrete pipe or reinforced concrete pipe, because to ensure the stability of the drainage pipe. Drainage is very large, and is the need for long-term and water contact, rain and sewage will have some corrosive substances, so the drainage pipe material must be able to resist these substances, can be achieved Drainage pipe really want to achieve the purpose.

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