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Drains What Kind Of Species

Drainage pipe in our daily life is very wide range of use, the role is very important, then what kind of plastic drainage pipe which, we should pay attention to what time when the purchase of the problem, the following we together to understand What about it.

What are the types of drain pipes?

1, UPVC pipe

UPVC tube with polyvinyl chloride resin as the carrier, weaken the resin molecular chain between the gravitational temperature with accurate, regular melting, rapid absorption of additives and other excellent ingredients, while the world famous calcium and zinc compound heat stabilizer, In the process of high temperature and melting of the resin can capture, inhibit and absorb the release of hydrogen chloride, and polyene structure of the double bond addition reaction, the replacement of molecules in the active and unstable chlorine atoms. Thereby effectively scientific control of the resin in the molten state of the catalytic degradation and oxidation decomposition.

2, PPR tube

PPR pipe with the traditional cast iron pipe, galvanized steel pipe, cement pipe and other pipelines compared with energy-saving materials, environmental protection, light high strength, corrosion resistance, smooth wall does not scale, construction and maintenance is simple, long life, Widely used in construction and drainage, urban and rural water supply and drainage, urban gas, power and cable sheathing, industrial fluid transportation, agricultural irrigation and other construction, municipal, industrial and agricultural fields.

3, PE

PE, commonly known as polyethylene, specifically for building water supply, drainage, gas pipeline, heating, electrical, agricultural and industrial materials. In the modernization of this society, PE is mainly used to give the city water supply, drainage of materials, among the many drainage pipe material, PE may not be the best, with the characteristics may not have other drainage pipe material so much, but PE The superiority of the drainage pipe material, and some of the other drainage pipe material can not go beyond. PE drainage pipe main features are resistant to chemical, good health, good flexibility, impact resistance, easy to operate simple and so on.

What are the types of plastic drains?

Drainage pipe selection errors

Misunderstanding 1: different materials can be mixed with water pipes

Mentioned above, no material plastic pipes have not used the characteristics and uses. If the UPVC pipe when the drinking water pipes, will be harmful to our health; UPVC, PPR tube local warm tube, the water pipe will be leaking leakage; if the PPR, PE-RT tube when the drainage pipe, the cost is too high The Therefore, the purchase of plastic pipes, the need to purchase according to use.

Misunderstanding 2: different materials water pipe fittings

Different materials plastic pipes have different connections. UPVC pipe is used with pipe diameter pipe fittings and PVC glue bonding; PPR pipe interface using hot melt technology connection, the use of hot melt gun, so that the same material between the pipe molecules in a few seconds completely integrated as one; PE- RT tube can be used in addition to hot melt technology, but also according to the size of the diameter of the use of fused or mechanical connection. Therefore, the different connection will have the corresponding water pipe fittings, purchase should pay attention.

Misunderstanding 3: plastic water can be online shopping equipment

Many people think that connecting the water pipe is very simple, so choose to buy their own online installation. In fact, the water pipe connection is a technical live, you need to install the master years of accumulated experience. In addition, the installation of water pipes according to the laying of the environment, water pressure to determine the way the water pipe laying, how to arrange the pipeline, the knowledge is not available to ordinary consumers. It is recommended that consumers look for the size of the store to buy, in order to enjoy the quality of after-sales service.

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