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DrainsThe Correct Order Of Installation

Toilet drainage is an important part of the bathroom decoration, we every day flushing, bathing and so will use a lot of water. Therefore, the toilet drainage pipe installation of the quality and scientific must be high. Otherwise, will give our lives a lot of trouble. Next Xiaobian to introduce the toilet drain installation considerations which.

First, the use of toilet water pipe installation tools

Toilet drain, pvc tube, adhesive, check mouth, telescopic section

Second, the toilet water pipe installation in the correct order

Toilet water pipes must be followed before the installation of a certain reasonable steps, the general first and the installation of the master to discuss the specific direction of the water, the second step is to use the hammer to the clip fixed to the wall, the third step is to start with a professional hot melt machine The pipe is hot-melt connection, the fourth step is to test the pump on the entire pipeline pressure test, the fifth step is to clean up the scene.

Third, the toilet water pipe installation design layout

Toilet water pipe installation according to the direction of the water laying, generally horizontal and vertical, as far as possible 2 channels do not cross, if the cross to take the bridge, hot and cold water pipe to keep a certain distance, the bathing valve around the right position And installed in the middle of the bathtub, the best height of 1.8 meters to 2.1 meters, but also for the installation of water heaters and washing machine inlet and outlet location, so that a scientific and rational layout.

Fourth, the toilet water pipe installation pressure process

Before the pressure test should be closed before the water meter valve, the pressure test pipe end of the closure of the slow water injection, filled with water after sealing inspection, and then manually boost, regulator, half an hour after the pressure drop of not more than 0.05Mpa qualified The

Fifth, the toilet water pipe installation precautions

First, the material aspect. Drain pipe generally use PVC pipe, high-level drainage pipe is best to use double-walled hollow or spiral noise reduction; and adhesive and water pipe hidden engineering must use the best materials. Be sure to do no smell is not leaking, there is the best flame retardant properties. Drainage tube should have a slope, generally not less than 1%; installation of drainage pipes pay attention to the drainage slope is conducive to timely discharge of sewage.

Followed by a drainage tube if you bring more than one health equipment, you need to increase the cleaning port (check the mouth). Check the mouth of the general one meter away from the ground, h tube center about five meters. Check the mouth for maintenance and quick troubleshooting.

The other is, if the PVC riser length of more than 4 meters will have to increase the shrinkage. The telescopic section is based on the center of the tee, usually about forty-three, short tube twenty-three. Horizontal tube more than two meters to add expansion joints.

At the same time, if the sanitary ware itself without water trap, must be installed in the pipeline S-type or P-type trap, to prevent odor from the pipeline overflow, to ensure that the bathroom fresh air.

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