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Faucet Hand Puzzle

Tap every rainy day will become like a conductive Ma hands? This was unheard of. But few villagers in Zhejiang's rural home, indeed happen.

It is understood that the villagers where usually there's nothing too strange faucet in the home. Not long ago, one rainy day, when they are in their tap water, like electricity to the experienced hand suddenly, there is a feeling of hemp. At first thought it was an illusion, later said of the incident, several people who were met in this case, this just felt funny thing.

The next few rainy days, the situation is the same. Villagers had to pay attention to it. Later, they suspected to be near a high-voltage Tower pound ghost. In the villager's House in the nearby, marked with a 500,000-volt pylons, distances are nearby. So doubt Ma hand, tap the rainy day, probably under the influence of the Eiffel Tower.

500,000-volt high voltage towers, near the House for a safe distance? Tap rainy tianma high voltage Tower in hand will be? Villagers were somewhat worried. Hope that the electricity sector will go to check out, if you can exclude, good looking for other reasons, what makes tap Ma hands. The mystery yet to be solved are at ease.

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