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Faucet Isn't About Tight After The Scary "drip"

If there is no closing taps, what would happen then? The answer is: from which water will drip out.

Then we will certainly consider that, water drips drips out, what will drop out so a little bit of water. But have you ever thought that if this drips, drops an hour how much? Will drop a day how much? How much a month will drop it? According to the test, each hour will drop 3.6 kg, 86 kg of water drops a day, can drop to 2.6 tonnes of water a month. This is a terrible drop.

Use leak-proof as in many foreign countries is one of the most important tasks of the water. Japan pipeline leakage rate is 15%. For timely maintenance, water sector has put together a 700-man special operations team of the waterway in response to leaking pipes. But because taps did not on tight, resulting in drop of words, so how should I solve it? Should we move her hand to make it secured. Close faucets doesn't have much strength will not delay your wasting your time. As long as you have to move hands slightly. This is good not only for itself, for you, for your children to be good.

Why is good for your next generation it? Because China is one of the serious water shortage in the world. You now save a drop your next generation will be more than a drop of water. You save one more hour, saves the day, save for a month then you can save a lot of the next generation of water. Think of it this way is not now save water, very good Ah!

So now we have to turn the tap as soon as this consciousness, just as for the next generation.

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