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Please Open Your Eyes To Buy Good Quality Faucet

  Please open your eyes to buy good quality faucet

  Faucet is the most frequent use of things at home, its quality is good or bad impact on life is not small. Not long ago, a gentleman's home faucet suddenly leaking, resulting in the living room of the wood floor soaked in water, but fortunately found in time, did not bring disaster to the living room and bedroom. "When buying, the merchant said the faucet is full of copper, it took more than two years on the bad." The gentleman to find the seller "afterwards", but the original store as early as the operator. To a number of building materials market to understand the situation and found that the market price of taps are very different, good quality varies. Here to remind the public, to buy a faucet to stay more than a mind, seek cheap will suffer.

  So how to identify the quality of the faucet is good or bad?

  First look at the appearance. In order to prevent the faucet from being oxidized, the faucet manufacturer will have a layer of nickel or chromium on its surface. When purchasing, the consumer will best place the faucet in a well-lit place, and the surface should be free from defects. , Anxious point, some parts of the non-coating, no poor quality due to casting holes and spots formed.

  Second, weigh the weight. Most of the raw materials of the faucet are copper, the weight is heavier. Some inferior products using plastic and other alternative materials, lighter weight, shorter service life. In general, consumers in the purchase can be used to weigh the weight of the method to identify, brass heavier hard, zinc alloy lighter and soft.

  Three touch feel. When buying, consumers can turn the handle when the handle to simply determine the spool is good or bad. In general, consumers on the next, left and right turn the handle, if the feeling of light, no sense of blocking the spool is better.

  Four is to listen to the sound. With light metal objects gently tapping, sound dignified clear no empty hole, indicating the faucet body without cracks, big bubbles and other defects.

  In addition to remind you, for the home of the drinking faucet, no matter how good the brand, the best 5 years to replace once, so as to avoid corrosion inside the faucet, etc. lead to increase the amount of lead. For non-drinking faucets such as laundry, time can be used longer.

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