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Shower Faucet Purchase Knowledge

  shower faucet purchase knowledge

  1, consider the actual situation of the family

  Two handle shower head, such as the left hand is hot water, the right hand is cold water, clear logo, easy to use, more suitable for the elderly or children to use. The shape of a single handle is relatively good, simple shape, shower faucet  rotating around the regulation of hot and cold water, easy to operate but need to be careful to use, to avoid burning.

  2, eye view hand touch to determine good and bad

  Select the faucet when the first switch to touch the handle several times to see if the touch is delicate and elastic degree, shower faucet too loose too tight are not good. Surface finish is one of the Aspect, the better the surface treatment, the more smooth the more bright, indicating that the better the process, but also indirectly reflect its quality. In addition to look at these, you have to look at the joints of the seams are trachoma or cracks.

  Trachoma is the surface of the copper material and the inside of the casting process in the emergence of small holes and cracks, if there is trachoma, after the water will be seepage, serious fracture will occur. In fact, shower faucet the leading spool is the most important part of the naked eye can not see the data show that the spool can switch 50 million times, defective reach this strength, easy to leak, please tell the business issued a certificate, ask the actual situation.

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