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Shower Faucet Selection Techniques

Shower faucet, is a water tap valve, through the rotating device to open or close the control of hot and cold water flow of the bathroom device. Shower faucet is a water valve, through the rotating device to open or close the control of hot and cold water flow of the bathroom device. The common size of the market has eight inches, four inches and so on.

According to the type of installation: wall-mounted and into the wall shower faucet two. Wall-mounted shower faucet: Installed on the wall, the main body, water separator, connecting the Ming-tube pillar and so on all prominent in the wall. Into the wall-type shower faucet: Only the handle protruding from the wall, connecting the faucet pipe, water separator mostly buried in the wall, the appearance is not visible.

Selection techniques: At present, many brands of faucets are designed with different styles of products, consumers can purchase according to preferences and bathroom style to choose. Common faucet surface has titanium plating, chrome, baking paint, porcelain and other types, stainless steel chrome is the most common. Color faucet has also been loved by people, color has red, yellow, black, blue, etc., can be in the bathroom with other utensils color collocation, play the role of embellishment.

1. By performance

Select the faucet when the first to switch several touch handle, to see if the feeling is delicate and elastic, too loose too tight is not good. Surface smoothness is also one of the points, the better the surface treatment, the smoother the brighter, the better the process, also can indirectly reflect its quality. In addition to looking at these, we have to see if there are trachoma or cracks in the joints of the faucet. Trachoma is the surface of the copper material and internal in the casting process of the small holes and cracks, if there is trachoma, through the water will be seepage, serious rupture will occur. The market appears on the thermostatic valve, is worth buying, but the overall price is high, but the washing effect is very good. The temperature is easy to control.

2. Family Realities

Two-handle shower faucet, such as the left hand is hot water, the right hand is cold water, marking clear, easy to use, more suitable for the elderly or children to use. And the shape of the single handle is relatively good-looking, simple shape, rotating around the regulation of hot and cold water, easy to operate but need to be careful to use, to avoid burning.

3. Faucet Spool

The spool of the faucet is like the heart of a person. The common faucet spool in the market has three kinds: stainless steel ball valve, ceramic piece spool and spool spool valve core. The common characteristic of these three kinds of valves is the integrity of the whole core shaft as one, easy to install maintenance, replacement, in which the advantages of ceramic chip spool is low price, the water pollution is small, but the ceramic texture is more brittle, easy to rupture; the advantage of the axle-rolling spool is to rotate the hand smoothly, easy to operate, anti-aging, wear-resistant While stainless steel ball valve has a high scientific and technological content, some high-grade sanitary products are used as its latest faucet products of the spool, can accurately control the water temperature, to ensure that hot water quickly and accurately outflow, both water and energy saving.

4. Water Saving performance

With the rising price of water, people have to pay attention to the water-saving of the faucet. Usually a common faucet and a water-saving faucet compared to the amount of water significantly different. Market water-saving faucet, can open and close hundreds of thousands of times without leaking a drop of water, compared with the old faucet, you can water-saving $number. Like ceramic chips, variable-distance, self-closed type of new type of High-tech faucet, closed tight, sensitive sensitivity, close the speed of only old-fashioned faucet one-tenth, water-saving effect is significant, and the latest water-saving faucet has a new design, can adjust or remove installed in the faucet water saving device, free conversion control water-saving rate, Thus enhancing water-saving effect. The use of ball valves made of products is recognized by the industry to do the most outstanding water-saving, the purchase can be consulted with the use of relevant technology products, the market well-known brands are most of these products.

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