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Tap To Run Hot Water Repair Master Say

I do not know if you have not met this strange phenomenon, own water heater at home had no heat, unscrew the tap water turned out to be hot? Let us listen to master repair claims.

In fact, such a situation is not surprising, and also occasionally appear in the urban area and some household taps next door is blocked, the water to the water heater ' running around '.

Master according to the introduction, within the general community, although between households installed water meters and water pipes are independent of, but mains was figured out, for no reason at all to heat the water, is likely to be another hot water flow into his home, and then open the tap water gets hot. Downs is the cause of most of the households hot water heater out of the question.

This is the case, generally the first step is to look at users ' watermeter rotation is normal, this is between the water pipe and household pipe cut-off point. If water heating, then the problems with tap water pipes, after which you can see if external meter heat. Because if the household water pipes next to jam, etc, can cause hot water recirculation, this time you can go next door and ask if they are using a water heater, problem is the check valve out of the water heater.

If it is found the meter is working properly, water meter outside and there's no obvious sense of heat, is probably due to the above user check valve failure caused the water heater hot water recirculation, flows through the downstairs, the user so that the household tap water turned hot.

It seems that strange things happen for a reason. As long as a snack, you can find the problem.

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