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The Hot Tap Safe? Enjoy The Warmth Necessary To Protect

Winter Solstice at the head, freezing old ox; at the winter solstice, unlined winter; the winter solstice at the rear, no stove to regret. Until winter solstice, temperatures dropped, the North has long been snow all over the sky, also suffer the cold of the South. Laundry washing dishes became the most difficult thing for wives: looking at family clothing wash frequently changes, but some clothes cannot machine wash, hand dipped into the icy cold water, this experience is really funny. So, more and more families choose to purchase electric tap this fast hot water heating products, low cost, and small series was repeatedly urged by her family to choose a good electric faucet, but face a wide range of brands on the market, which in the end products more secure and reliable, there is a need to identify the authenticity of a pair of eye

Variable quality accidents

As rapid output hot water bath products, electric faucet is favored by the market, but for electric tap reports of quality problems are often found in newspapers. In October 2013, the residents, Hebi, Henan province, Liu returned home to find, receive when shopping electric tap exploded, thanks to no one, no one gets hurt. In March 2013, lives in Shenyang city Yu Shulan Granny, purchased in infomercials had exploded an electric tap a lot of hot water spewing, not just rush in her kitchen, and ruin the downstairs neighbor's kitchen becomes a cave. July 2014, the Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision of Hangzhou, huzhou, Jinhua and Wenzhou, Taizhou and other 5 regions were samples of 8 companies, 8 electric faucet product sampling results testing batch passing rate of just 50%. Among them, the substandard products mainly focused on the identification and description of non-conformance, protection against touching live parts, structure, components, grounding and other projects.

Electric faucet how to choose?

Xiaobian reminds consumers are choosing to purchase electric faucet should be cautious. Before you buy must first clear case for using the voltage and the load carrying capacity of the environment. If you own kitchen or sanitation circuits themselves are aging or voltage instability, and that small does not recommend that consumers buy.

When choosing a product, first look for the brand. Electric faucet brands have gone through rigorous testing before they leave the factory, products undergo the 3C certification, certified plants are required to undergo periodic inspections every year, has some assurance of the quality of products. Secondly, take a closer look on the product nameplate rated voltage, rated power, rated voltage is 220V, using the load carrying capacity of the environment should meet the requirements of rated power. Final consumers can be carried out at the official website of China quality certification center certificate and validity queries, information on the product's technical information technical information and logos are the same.

Finally, consumers can find out whether related products in local dedicated after-sales service, if the problem occurs in the product, called door-to-door services when they are ready. Quality problems encountered in the past, frequency of maintenance rights and no doors out, is because of a lack of understanding of the brand after sale, rashly purchases can lead to tragedy.

Use caution not to age

Under normal circumstances, reliable electric tap life span of between 5-7, but a lot of users in the use of reflecting not used for 2-3 years after "give pause." Is related to lifetime switch itself on one hand and electric water heaters, on the other hand and is linked to the improper use of consumers. Xiaobian recommended that consumers buy back products carefully read product specifications and develop good habits, not overage with added security risks. This small series to summarize several considerations for proper use of electric faucet to prolong life, is only for your reference.

1 the water hose joints have a small circular filters, time will accumulate a lot of residue resulting in water are not smooth, so that water pressure is enough to cause within the faucet body heat dry, seriously affecting the life of the leading. Way is to filter out with one or two months to clean again.

2 open the faucet is right opens the way to open the right side and then slowly rotating to the left. Cut directly left open by mistake, because before we tap not open there is no water, first left turn on heater heating immediately, but water from the pipes to the filling tap may be a daoliangmiao, so the second mixer in a dry state, long time will also affect the service life of mixer.

3: remember, the leading outlet cannot add-ins other pipes. Some people may thought in leading water mouth Shang received a root hose to convenient will water received other place, actually this is is not right of, now electric taps of impoundment cavity by can bear of pressure are is has standard of, if received Shang a root pipes so on is big degree Shang on increased has it of pressure, if pressure in enough big of situation Xia may will leading light who leaking heavy who leading will burst opened.


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