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The Superiority Of The Thermostatic Shower Faucet

  The superiority of the thermostatic shower faucet

  1, automatic temperature: constant temperature mixing valve with automatic constant water temperature function, the water temperature according to the actual needs of the set, the water temperature can be quickly reached and automatically constant, shower faucet free from hot and cold water pressure, temperature or water flow changes Influence, thus solving the bathing process of water temperature hot and cold problems. When the hot and cold water inlet pressure, temperature or outlet flow changes, the water temperature changes within ± 2 ℃.

  2, anti-scald and anti-cold shock: constant temperature mixing valve with anti-scalding and anti-cold shock function, in the bath process, shower faucet when the cold water suddenly interrupted, the constant temperature mixing valve can automatically turn off hot water within a few seconds To the safety of the role of anti-scald; when the hot water suddenly interrupted, the constant temperature mixing valve can be automatically closed within a few seconds of cold water, play the role of anti-cold shock safety protection.

  3, high temperature: constant temperature mixing valve internal components are high temperature materials, can be 100 ℃ high temperature normal work.

  4, one-way check valve: shower faucet constant temperature mixing valve comes with one-way check valve to prevent hot and cold water in the water pressure is inconsistent, hot and cold water string.

  5, comes with filter: constant temperature mixing valve comes with a filter to prevent debris into the valve body and affect the normal operation of the constant temperature mixing valve.

  Thermostatic shower faucet by precision machining, shower faucet totally natural, durable, corrosion-resistant, durable. The use of advanced vacuum ion plating technology, glossy pleasant, long as new as new. All the castings, weldments are carefully ground, the surface is smooth. To meet the lead in the international lead, the human body no harm, in line with environmental concepts, conform to the needs of world development, will be your home friends, so you drink water, clean water more healthy.

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