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Thermostatic Shower Faucet First Appeared In The European Region

  Thermostatic shower faucet first appeared in the European region, with the development of society in China using the thermostatic shower faucet family is also increasing, constant temperature shower faucet can be brought by the thermostatic shower faucet thermostatic spool, in a very short time automatically Balance the cold water and hot water pressure, so as to ensure the temperature of the water, the thermostat shower faucet can be completely without manual adjustment. Xiaobian below for everyone to explain what the thermostat shower faucet and thermostat shower faucet how.

  We should pay attention to the installation of thermostatic shower faucet: try to shorten the distance between the water heater and the faucet to ensure that the hot water can reach the faucet as soon as possible. Hot and cold water supply pipe can not be installed wrong, in the installation of thermostatic shower faucet must be clean before the site, to avoid small sand and lumps on the faucet of the apron and thread and other small parts damage. So as to ensure the normal use of thermostatic shower faucet.

  The following small series for everyone to talk about what is the use of thermostatic shower faucet, more standard thermostatic shower faucet left and right each have a knob, the left knob is used to adjust the water temperature: line before the water temperature drops, It will rise, when the water temperature reaches 40 degrees when the water temperature will not rise again, it is because the water temperature of 40 degrees will be very easy to burn our skin. If you need a higher water temperature you can press the red safety button on the thermostatic shower faucet and continue to twist backwards so that the temperature will continue to rise. The right button is to control the way the thermostat shower faucet is water and the amount of water.

  I believe that many people who have used the thermostatic shower faucet have such experience, that is, when you open the thermostat shower faucet when there is no water outflow or out of the water is very small. Now Xiaobian to explain this issue for everyone, this is because the thermostatic shower faucet in the open when the water temperature has not yet reached the requirements, when the water temperature will be appropriate after the water will flow out.

  As the thermostatic shower faucet with automatic constant water temperature, the water temperature is controlled at the appropriate temperature, not too hot or too cold. We can prevent the damage to our skin in the shower, to ensure the quality of our shower. Thermostatic shower faucet can be automatically closed within a few seconds of cold water, play a cold water shock safety protection. Thermostatic shower faucet constant temperature water valve comes with a filter to prevent the entry of debris so that the constant temperature mixing valve can work properly.

  Thermostatic shower faucet compared with other ordinary faucet it has obvious advantages, thermostatic shower faucet for hotels, families, barber shops and other frequent changes in water pressure. Thermostatic shower faucet can ensure that the water temperature in a controlled range, the water temperature will not be too high or too low, in our daily use is very convenient. I hope Xiaobian above to help everyone.

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