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Toilet Bowl Cleaning Liquid Flow Back, Tap The "blue Water"

Light blue water from Nice, but you can't do anything with, but annoying. It is learnt that recently in Hangzhou, one of the residential areas. When household water tap, suddenly changed color flow out of the water, and had a faint odor of disinfectant, quietly placed a will becomes colorless. Such water is certainly not edible, but residents can only buy big tubs of water transition.

Later according to relevant staff in the field of detection, suspected to be the floor, residents placed a blue toilet bowl cleaning agent in a toilet cistern, when water or water pressure instability, lax because the tank check valve closed, water mixed with blue toilet bowl cleaning agent via toilet tank fill pipe back into the main water pipe, which causes this phenomenon. If this is the case correctly, treatment is quite simple, just turn on the tap water for some time, pipe pressure will slowly recover. Also cleanse polluted water is Basic. If it were doing useless, it may be the water quality problem, in which case you will have trouble. Professional who needs to be tested.

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