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Towel Ring Excellent Wear Resistance And Non-toxic

Towel ring is used to hang towel home, generally its shape for the ring or semicircle, for placing towels, hand washing after hand. According to the designer, there will be some other shape. Towel ring look is changing and unique, to meet the needs of different bathroom.

Mainly used for hanging towels, generally Qi shape for the ring or semicircle, there are other shapes, the diameter of 15cm ~ 25cm between the length of 5cm ~ 8cm between.


Technology, design fashion, practical features embodied most vividly. This stylish, lightweight, durable bathroom small objects, to bring a great deal of convenience. Modeling novel chic, very imaginative and creative, more without leaving the water spot, not knot scale, easy to take care of the characteristics. Performance, wear resistance and excellent non-toxic, safe, long life, easy installation. Breaking the traditional bathroom pendant of many defects and deficiencies.

Picking skills

(1) look at the material: Although the towel ring is a small thing, consumers still have to pay attention to choose a good quality products, or every period of time to replace the towel ring. Now the market towel ring material is probably the following: copper chrome, stainless steel chrome, aluminum chrome, etc., these materials in pure copper chrome products to prevent oxidation, rarely faded; stainless steel chrome cheaper, but the use of Time is relatively short. In the case of

(2) to see the coating: coating treatment for the hardware pendant is essential, it is related to product life, finish, wear resistance. Good coat black shiny, there is a sense of moisturizing, and poor quality of the coating is shiny dim. Good coating is very smooth, and poor quality coating will see the surface of a wave-like ups and downs. The surface is also a depression is certainly inferior products. Good coating more wear-resistant, the surface can not see the basic scratches, and inferior to the surface of the product there will be dense scratches. In the case of

(3) to see the brand: If you want to buy after-sales protection of the towel ring, consumers choose the best brand of towel ring, although the brand of things higher prices, but when the quality of the towel ring problems, consumers can find business replacement or Maintenance, in general, or buy a brand towel ring more cost-effective. In the case of

(4) to see: Sanitary Ware Sanitary Ware in the largest position in the bathroom, so you can not let the sanitary ware to match the towel ring, and let the towel ring and sanitary ware match. Now there are a variety of towels on the market ring, consumers should pay attention to the choice of color, material and model is in line with the overall style of the bathroom decoration, if only their favorite, it is likely to finally pick the towel ring placed Bathroom will be awkward.

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