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Towel Ring Maintenance And Cleaning

  Towel Ring Maintenance and cleaning

  Towel Ring Maintenance

  1, nurturance often opens the window the custom, this not only can keep the air of the bathroom unimpeded, but also conduce to the family's health, absorbs some fresh air more.

  2, towel ring surface to often use soft cotton and clean water to ensure bright luster, absolutely can not use corrosive acid and alkali solution, also try not to use detergent fine cleaning.

  3, usually if we want to decorate, do not let the paint on the towel ring, because the paint on the surface of the towel ring coating has a great corrosive effect. There are a lot of detergent formulations on the market and it is recommended that you do not buy them and they may cause serious damage to the towel ring. A lot of bleach, detergent, vinegar contains a lot of acidic substances, there is a strong corrosive effect, it is recommended not to use.

  Towel Ring Cleaning

  1, wipe the towel ring with water and dry with soft cotton cloth, do not use any abrasive cleaning agent, cloth or paper towel, and any acidic detergent, polishing abrasive or detergent or soap and other things wipe towel ring surface.

  2, because of the usual use of a variety of detergent, Bath dew, such as long remaining in the surface of chromium plating will make the towel ring surface gloss degradation and directly affect the surface quality. Please use a soft cloth at least once a week to clean the surface of the towel ring, preferably using a neutral detergent.

  3, for difficult to remove the scale, surface fouling film and stains, and so on, please use a mild liquid detergent, colorless glass cleaning liquid or wear-free polishing liquid such as cleaning, and then clean the towel ring with water and dry with soft cotton cloth.

  4, can be coated with toothpaste and soap, cotton wet cloth, gently wipe, and then rinse with water can be.

  5, can use decontamination ability strong wax oil, besmear on the clean white cotton cloth, the whole product thorough clean, the cycle generally is 3 months, this can prolong the life of towel ring. Remember every time the cleaning is over, be sure to wipe the water stains dry, otherwise the surface of the pendant may appear water stains dirt.

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